Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ready, Get Set, Go!

And off we went, to Spokane for Jeremy's first Bloomsday Run.

While Jeremy and Mom participated, Dad and I really got a work out, controlling Alex in the crowds of people.
We had a pretty good time, entertaining Alex with his first taste of cotton candy, ducks and a garbage goat to feed (a vacuum pulls garbage into the goat's mouth to dispose of it).

Jeremy and mom successfully completed the run, and received their prized Bloomsday t-shirts. They both looked more refreshed at the end of the race than Dad and I did.

Discarded clothing covers a tree in downtown Spokane as the Bloomsday Run begins.

Alex presented Dad with his Top Secret craft project results - dinosaur "fossils" - imprints of dinosaurs in cement. Dad then dug out his rock collection and taught our budding scientist all about the wonderful world of geology.

Jeremy and I spent the remainder of the weekend attempting to make a decision about purchasing a new car. We test drove a 2007 Honda CRV (with the new body style) and were quite impressed. This was a car designed for moms. The back end comes with a removable shelf so I could have 2 layers of junk back there. It looked like there would be room for a stroller underneath with groceries up above. This is how I currently use the back end of my Subaru, but the groceries are all piled up directly on top of the stroller, tipping over and rolling around. The other thing that impressed me is that the back seat divides in three parts, so I could have a car seat on each side, and still fold the middle seat down to allow long items (such as a cello) to fit. This car was designed for me. There is even an extra curved mirror in the front for easy viewing of naughty children in the back seat. The only downside I've found is the price. I would really like an older car, but these just came out in 2007. So, now we just need to find a deal and make a decision. At least I know my dream car exists.

You may wonder about my sudden interest in buying a car. This is not just due to the upcoming birth of baby number 2. Jeremy accepted a job in Omaha, Nebraska, and will start work on the 19th. Suddenly, it sounds good to have a second car that can drive across country.

We have all sorts of other decisions to make, too. We'd like a new laptop, so we could have a computer there without dragging along our desktop. We're considering a Mac, but again can't seem to make the decision to fork out the dough for it, despite our interest. Also, we'd like a second cell phone, so we can actually keep in touch with each other over the next few crazy months.

Right now, it looks like Jeremy will be heading to Nebraska by himself. I have an ultrasound scheduled at the end of the month I'd like to attend(see the poll on the sidebar to vote on what you think the results of this ultrasound might be). I'm also enjoying finally watching the fruit of my labor last fall, as more and more of these bulbs begin to bloom, and it's hard to think about leaving just as our yard becomes such a great place for Alex and I to spend our days (He's been hanging string on the trees for the robins to build nests with, just like he read about in one of his library books, Robin's Home). Julie is getting married June 21st, and I'm not sure I want to go to Nebraska for a few weeks and then drive or fly with Alex all the way to Portland from there. So, I think I'll stay here and start packing, hopefully find a car, and then head up to mom and dad's house for a little while before Julie's wedding. Maybe I'll find a car in Portland and could drive out there to Julie's graduation at the beginning of the month to pick it up.

There are just too many "Ifs" right now for a pregnant lady like me. My impulse right now is to nest, not to move. But, hopefully the job will be a great experience for Jeremy (he'll be working for a German company designing combine parts, perfect for a farm boy with a German degree!), and I'm sure all the details will work out. I have to just remind myself that God is in control. One thing at a time. For now, I'm enjoying having our little family here together, and watching Jeremy and Alex interact.


Sojourner said...

Waaaaa!! You're going the wrong direction, Jenni! I want you to move to Spokane! I promise free babysitting on a regular basis if you do.... how about it? You could live with me until you find a house. Omaha is too far away!!
Your lonely and selfish aunt,

Anonymous said...

Jenny, it was fun to see all the pictures (I'd forgotten what Lincoln looks like! Are you sure that was Lincoln in the picture with Alex and Sara?) and to read about your dream car and Bloomsday ...but I agree with Cathy. You are going the wrong direction! You are supposed to move somewhere south of Seattle...say to Astoria. Who cares that there are no jobs there? Hope your dream car morphs into a real car soon. I'll see you at the wedding! Hugs, Granny

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