Sunday, November 30, 2008


It seems that all we've done for the past few years is move. First to Washington with it's rain forests and so much water, then to cold and crisp Montana, Connecticut with its beaches, then back to Montana's dry heat. This summer to Omaha's bustle and famous zoo, then back again to Montana and Big Sky Country. Last week we visited Pullman for the first time to see where we're headed next. Rolling fields and high hills are what we found for our second Washington home. Dry and sunny Pullman will be a change from the other side of Washington we know so well.
We found a third story apartment to live in until summer when we may have more housing options as students leave town empty for the summer. Almost the entire town is dedicated to the school. I've never seen so many apartments. Mom and Dad came down to visit us at Julie's apartment (she moved to Moscow, just next to Pullman, after she married Ryan this summer, and will be in graduate school there for the next few years).

Sunday, November 9, 2008

For Sale

We're on the move again. Jeremy accepted an assistantship position at WSU in Pullman, WA the day Isaac was born. His return to school has been somewhat overshadowed by Isaac's birth, but we're finally starting to really get prepared to move. School starts on Alex's 3rd birthday, January 12, so we still have plenty of time, but we also have a lot to sell before then.

Jeremy has listed various items on Craig's list, and we've had a better response than we expected, although we still have a lot to sell.

We also have to sell the WRX - Jeremy's sporty little car that has been replaced by my mom-mobile. We've had very little interest in it, but we haven't tried too hard to sell it, yet, either. Anybody interested?
And then there's our big sale item: our house. We spent the last week cleaning frantically to get it ready for it's debut yesterday. It's so nice now that it's clean and we've put half our stuff in boxes, we might not want to leave it.

It's exciting to be moving again. I'm really looking forward to Pullman. Jeremy discovered that there is a museum there that I can get into with my Bozeman Museum of the Rockies membership. Also, I have been receiving more phone calls from Julie than usual, anticipating our arrival. I'm glad to have the chance to get to know Ryan better, and spend more time with Julie, since we haven't been in the same town for more than a short vacation in over 10 years. If we could just sell all this stuff, we'd be ready to go.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Bats

Here are my big bat and my baby bat. We had a great Halloween, and Alex was a great bat. He flew and flew and filled a bag with candy. We went downtown, where the shops were handing out candy in the streets. We didn't even have to go in most of the shops for him to get his candy, they were just set up outside handing it out as the kids walked by. It was a beautiful day, the best Halloween weather I can remember. Alex had never seen so much candy, and there were a lot of kinds he'd never seen before and had to inspect before we could go on to the next stop.

Alex has started to dress himself. We told him he had to put his underwear on by himself the other day, and he came out of his room with his underwear on his head. He wouldn't take it off his head, but did agree to put another pair in its proper place.

baby growth