Sunday, June 29, 2008

Grandma's Helper

Alex had a weekend of helping Grandpa install an irrigation system for their new lilacs and helping Grandma water by hand.

He also decided that he likes to climb. Here's a picture of one of his first attempts to climb a "tree". He wasn't very successful, but was very cute to watch attempting to scale the nice smooth pole holding the live trees up. Perhaps he'll try to find a tree with branches next time.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Julie's Big Day

Alex and I are back in Bozeman, and enjoying looking back over the pictures from a wonderful weekend in Portland. After a few days in transit, Julie and Ryan are finally off on their honeymoon to Mexico. These pictures highlight some of the many special moments of the wedding weekend, from Julie and I getting our nails done for the first time to Jeremy escorting Mom down the aisle at the start of Julie's ceremony. And of course two of my favorite moments: Eric catching the bouquet and Julie sweeping up after the reception.

Julie is Gartered.

Jeremy coaches Alex before his walk down the aisle.

Eric catches the bouquet.

Julie cleans up after the reception.
Stuffing Julie in the car.
Off to Mexico!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weekend Festivities

We've just concluded one of my favorite time in the year - two days that are Father's Day, my birthday, and Jeremy and my anniversary. Cathy came for the weekend, which made it even more festive. Strange spending Father's day and my anniversary away from Jeremy. I'm sorry he had to spend them alone this year. At least we'll finally be together again on Thursday.

Summer is really here and we were able to picnic on the beach, complete with sunburns and seagull feedings.
Dad celebrated father's day by making himself a feast. He's certainly the King Crab!

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday by heading for Spokane for a girl's day at the mall.

Julie had a glamorous makeover, and we were given instructions on applying her wedding makeup.

After two hours of cosmetic fun, we headed to a cute little neighborhood straight out of the 50's to visit The Ruby Slipper - a little tiny upscale shoe boutique, a little artsy shop, and a used clothing store, all right in a row. We were too late in the day for milkshakes, but the cute little restaurant was fun just to visit the outside of.

The Milk Bottle

We headed home, leaving Cathy in Spokane, and came home for another feast by dad, presents and a tiny little chocolate brownie cake (perfect!!). Cathy gave me an art set that included items of interest for both Alex and I (toddler safe scissors, water colors, crayons, and oil pastels, to name a few). Mom and dad gave me a wonderful knitting bag filled with supplies to make a couple of really cute little baby hats. I've been wanting something I can accomplish in a room with Alex, and he seems to be letting me knit in peace, so maybe I'll actually be able to finish them!

Alex has decided that he's a puppy dog since Jeremy's uncle Fred put a leash on him a few weeks ago, and now we have to feed him dog food, give him bowls of water, and take him on walks. Here he is with him mommy puppy dog.

Alex feeds his new friend, Mr. Squirrel.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wedding Preparation Extravaganza

Alex and I are officially on vacation. We're spending a couple of weeks in Sandpoint, Idaho with my parents and Julie preparing for her wedding on the 21st.

From pouring little lavender candles for favors to creating head covering for the bridesmaids, this has been a really crafty week. It's been so fun to have this time to work on all the little details for Julie's wedding that I felt like I ran out of time for with mine.

Julie is the exact opposite of Bridezilla - letting us do whatever we want for decorations etc. We keep coming up with more and more to do, as I'm sure we will until she's off on her honeymoon.

Here's a photo of what we've done to mom and dad's house, showing how my parenting has degenerated. This is Julie feeding Alex a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the living room at 9:00 last night:

Alex has been perfecting his photography skills, and created
this lovely modern art piece titled Garbage on White.
baby growth