Monday, October 8, 2007

The Walking City - A Boston Weekend

Our lucky little boy finally rode a train. We drove to the outskirts of Boston on Saturday to Jeremy's cousin Mike's house. From there we were able to hop on "The T" for a short trip straight to the center of town. Boston was a great town to walk our boy through, following the red brick road called the Freedom Trail. The town is filled with history. Plaques throughout the town describe the historical significance of countless sites. It was refreshing to be able to walk through a town and soak in the history without spending the day in museums. The Irish Potatoe Famine memorial was one of the sites that impressed me the most. The statues were beautiful but haunting. The Old North Church was also impressive. The pews were very different. Each family would actually pay rent on their pew box. These boxes look like a great idea for anyone with small children. In order to stay warm and avoid drafts, each family would sit in one boxed in area, similar to an old train car box.

As I expected, my favourite part of town was Faneuil Hall Marketplace. We arrived just as hunger was overtaking us, and after watching a short juggling show we wandered through the busy Quincy Market. I found one of my favorite food combinations, a basil, mozerella, tomato panini. Yum. Jeremy surprized me by ordering lamb kabobs. The shopping itself in the market was a bit of a disappointment to me. I was expecting something similar to the diverse handcrafted offerings of Pike Place Market in Seattle, but found more modern standard stores, like Crate and Barrel. The open square itself was more than I imagined, though, reminding me of the crazy streets of Paris. Around every corner we were surprized and impressed by street performers. There were two living statues, one of which was a golden pirate, who would remove baseball hats from unsuspecting tourists with her hook hand. The musicians were also entertaining, especially a one-man band. One crazy street performer was juggling knives high on a pole held up by audience members.

We finally broke away from the entertainment and made our way to a beautiful nearby fountain where Alex and I joined others walking through the cool cascade. The three of us then wandered on to our final stop of the day, Paul Revere's House, before heading back to "The T" and Mike's house.

On our way back from Boston on Sunday, we stopped at Dianosaur State Park near Hartford for a short walk. We were there late in the day and didn't go in the dome with the actual tracks, but enjoyed watching fearless chipmunks along the trail.

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