Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dani is officially married, which leaves me as the youngest Kingma girl.. Haha!
We had a great week in Bozeman, with tons of family and festivities. Jeremy and I enjoyed a couple of nights out without the kids and the kids enjoyed being spoiled by grandparents and Aunt Sara. Alex enjoyed the harvest from Aunt Dani’s garden and has now informed me that he only likes carrots, peas, and beans that are not from a store. All I can get him to eat for veggies now are the cherry tomatoes I’m growing on our balcony. Here I was worried about him coming home and wanting to eat nothing but cake and instead the problem is that he’s begging for fresh veggies.Playtime
Ice Cream with Aunt Sara
Isaac with Grandma Van
Alex trying to stay warm at the rehearsal dinner (August in Montana! Brrr!!!) Dressing the Ring BearerGrandpa Van, Jer, and Alex waiting for the Happy CoupleThe Father of the Bride - Just Married 30 years ago this week
Bridezilla? Nope! Those aren’t her horns - they’re antlers! Hey, that’s my date!

Congratulations Dani and Adam!
baby growth