Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bridger Ridge Run

He did it!! Not that any of us doubted his natural talent, but it is still impressive that Jeremy has completed his first (and last??) Bridger Ridge Run. After a grueling 15+ hour drive back to Bozeman, Jeremy completed the 20 mile race in just over 6 hours. He was shaky and sore, but came through in good spirits and without injury, which made me happy, so he could drive us home! This crazy race takes place along the ridge of the Bridger Range just outside of Bozeman. The very first peak of the race I've done previously as a day-hike, worthy of the Cochrane clan McCall days. The race ends at the parking lot below the "M". Many of you may remember the hike to the "M" from Sara's wedding - we carried giant umbrellas up it and many of us stopped only about a third of the way up. Well, that little hike that did us in was just the home stretch of this race. Jer said the race was more difficult than he anticipated, with much more of it being uphill than expected. He came through better than I expected, though. It's hard for me to imagine that anyone could go that far, in only 6 hours, and still be able to walk at the end of it. Jer never ceases to amaze me.

We're back in Omaha now, for our last few weeks here before returning to Bozeman in mid September. Our big challenge now is to come up with a baby name before he arrives. We had a difficult time with Alex and are having an even harder time this time. Alex says we should name him Alex Kingma. He thinks that's a great name.

I'm starting to slow down, feeling the strain of carrying this growing baby everywhere. It's been wonderful having the pool just out our door here to take the weight off for at least a little while.

We still haven't decided where to go from here. Life seems so much more complicated now than it did when Alex was born. Strange the difference that a few years can make. It's an exciting time, with lots of possibilities, though. Can't wait to see where the next few months lead us.
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