Sunday, May 25, 2008

20 Weeks

20 weeks - this baby is half grown! Only a few more days until I get my first glimpse of our little banana (yes, s/he is approximately the size of a banana this week).

This pregnancy has been so different from my first, I'm curious to see what we have in there (perhaps a kangaroo??). The morning sickness, which I never really had with Alex, is gone now, but now our little joey is bouncing around in there like crazy. I don't remember feeling Alex move nearly this early or so much. His placenta was in the front, which is less common, and probably buffered me from feeling all his little jabs and pokes until he was bigger and stronger (his placenta is long gone, and I'm still feeling his big jabs and pokes, but that's a different story, ornery little sucker...).

We've had an eventful little weekend, starting with a birthday party/garage sale preparation day at grandma (Alex's great-grandma) Kingma's house. It was fun to see all the family before Alex and I take off for Sandpoint/Portland/Omaha, but I was so sorry Jeremy wasn't here for it.

Our diets have been suffering with Jer gone, as well. Tonight we had our third night of lasagna leftovers, with jello salad and leftover chocolate cake to round the meal out. Here's our little cutie after the cake.....

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