Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pink or Blue???

Tomorrow is the day for our much anticipated ultrasound. I hope we actually get to learn the sex of this baby. I'm really excited to go through Alex's old clothes again, or start garage sailing like crazy if it's a girl. Perhaps we'll buy a bunk bed it it's a boy.

I guess I feel like it's a girl, like most people have indicated on the poll. I can't quite imagine us with another boy, just since Jeremy and I each just had one boy in our families growing up. I don't know anything about having brothers around, and think that would be quite the adventure. I'm sure it would be good for Alex to have a little brother to roughhouse with, since Jeremy and I quickly tire of his tricks.

But I do like the idea of pigtails and pink bows, and frilly dresses. It would be fun to have a little girl to teach to sew and to read girly books to, or at least something besides dinosaurs and trucks.

Whichever this child is, I suppose it could be a calming presence in our house, helping to mellow out our little hooligan. Or a co-conspirator to brighten up Alex's days currently filled with boring old adults. I just hope they are able to enjoy each other's company as much as I have enjoyed my siblings. As long as I have been here, first my brother, and then my little sisters have enriched my world.

Alex is so funny about "his" baby. His imaginary baby (he doesn't have a doll, he just picks up this imaginary baby out of thin air) is going everywhere with us these days. This is causing a major problem in the car, where I only have one car seat installed. He jumps in and pretends to strap his baby into the car. Then when I force him to sit in the car seat he shrieks and jumps back out and tells me he's squishing the baby. So then he has to take the baby back out of the seat before he'll sit in it himself. He then puts the baby in his lap, covered in his blanket, for the ride. This needy little baby also frequently needs food, diaper changes, and naps. I'm not allowed to go in his room when the baby is sleeping in his bed, since I might wake it up. After the baby's nap it cries (Alex may be preparing for a career as a ventriloquist) and he has to go in and ask it why it's crying. This is all getting to be a more complicated process all the time. I'm not sure how we're going to last through another 20 weeks before the real baby comes. Alex is going to be exhausted long before then from taking care of such a demanding newborn.

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ok, i keep checking and checking your blog...what or blue?!?! also - i need those addresses! thanks!

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