Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Sun and Smiles

I had so much fun with my boys this summer. They're both great travelers, and seem to just thrive on vacation.

We visited dad and granny in Ocean Park. The kite museum was a highlight as usual.One of my favorite little stops: Fish and chips in Ilwaco by the boats.Isaac was just the right age to really appreciate the sand. Isaac also learned about baby dolls at granny's house. I think this was his favorite toy there.Alex and I raced up all 164 steps to the top of the Astoria column. Alex exploring Fort Columbia with his granddad.Isaac and Alex enjoyed working together to keep their kite in the air (with some help from granddad).After a brief visit back home to Pullman, we were off on another adventure: THE BIG CABIN in McCall.
Here are the boys at Boulder Lake, dog-fishing. Dad made the boys fishing poles out of sticks and grass tied together for a line.Isaac and my granny out for a ride in the row boat.My little sailor with his Granny.
A budding fisherman.Isaac helping granny with some gardening.The boys organized a restaurant, complete with real food and a delivery service.Water balloons in the kiddie pool.Sun babies and water cats.
A good old fashioned bath.A highlight of Alex's week: Dad's Treasure Hunt.One of Isaac's favorite parts of the week - rolling trucks down the hill.A sweet end to the week: S'mores on the beach.

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blogger's mom said...

I LOVE the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them. I wish I had taken more.

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