Thursday, September 9, 2010

ABC's and 123's

Alex, Isaac, and I have officially started our preschool homeschooling adventure. Despite calling it homeschooling, we haven't actually been home for much of it. We've already been on a few field trips and a camping trip. After the first week Alex told me it really didn't seem like we were doing enough homeschooling, so I went to work adding to our curriculum and our B and C weeks have been much more fun.

For B week we went on a field trip to the Conner museum with friends to look at birds and animals, we studied bees and bugs, copied patterns with beads, went bicycling with friends and had a story time about bears and berries. Isaac is stuck indefinately in B week. He has a new fascination with Buses. He points them out all over town. "Bus, Bus! Aaaa Bus! Mama bus! Dada bus!"

For C we're having even more fun, starting with our annual Labor day camping trip in West Richland. After an amazing weekend of fellowship, peach picking, and a dozen energetic children, we came home to study Chemistry. We had some friends over to experiment with us which made it feel more like real school to Alex. He's really missing his preschool (today he burst into tears and told me he misses the playground), but I'm still hoping that with Mops, swimming lessons, Awana, and story time at the library he'll be busy and happy with all the friends he gets to see during the week.

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granny said...

And on D are you going to the Dentist? Anyway your alphabet preschool sounds like fun and I hope Isaac doesn't tire of B too soon - such a cute age. Granny

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