Friday, October 17, 2008

Grannies and Grandmas

Isaac has been blessed with a Granny, a Grandma, Great Grandmas and even a Great Granny in his life. He hasn't met them all yet, but here are some pictures of him with the ones he's met, and pictures of the special welcome to the world gifts sent by the ones he's anxiously waiting to meet.
Isaac with his special teddy bear from Great Granny and Grandad.

A giant box of baby clothes and a handmade pair of mukluks from Granny.
Isaac and Grandma.
Isaac and Great Grandma Vander Molen.
Isaac and Great Grandma Kingma.


Anonymous said...

how is little Isaac sleeping? has Jeremy made you make him sleep thru the night yet? we gotta do that to our little miss....sometimes she gets me up 8 times!!! aaahhh!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the pictures of new little Isaac! I think the bear is bigger than he is! Nice to see the pictures, too, of his other grrrannies...Love, your Granny

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